Cloud Computing: A to Z of Cloud Computing (Paperback)

Cloud Computing: A to Z of Cloud Computing By Nobert Young Cover Image

Cloud Computing: A to Z of Cloud Computing (Paperback)


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What is cloud computing? Learn the secrets of the cloud with simple explanations in this book that comes with lots of examples.

Why should you learn about the cloud? The cloud is the future Cloud computing is the future of software as well as the future of every long-term business. Get on the cloud before the future leaves you behind.

Not tech-savvy? Worry not. This book is written in the simplest of terms, easy for everyone to understand. This is a promise.

I have taken my time to explain the cloud in ways that you would understand and relate to like linking the cloud service to the online banking services used by almost all bank account owners.

Whether you are new to the concept, already have some ideas of the cloud but desire to know more, or you are thinking about a change in career, then you should get this book.

In A to Z of Cloud Computing, you will learn:

  • What it means for a service to be in the cloud.
  • What cloud computing is all about with examples.
  • A real knowledge on how the internet works.
  • The good, bad and ugly side of cloud computing.
  • What made Amazon AWS very popular?
  • Services in cloud computing.
  • Examples of cloud computing.
  • Advantages to cloud computing.
  • Types of the clouds.
  • How to store on the cloud.
  • All about cloud computing for companies.
  • Available models for the cloud with advantages and disadvantages to aid you in making the best decision on your cloud migration.
  • Legal part of cloud computing
  • Security in cloud computing.
  • What platform-as-a-service is and how it relates to infrastructure-as-a-service and how software-as-a-service makes your life so much easier
  • And lots more

Sounds like a lot? Don't worry, it will all make sense. I have been in cloud computing from the beginning and I would love to take you through as you embark on the journey to understand the cloud. I am here to guide you every step of the way.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781079544374
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Publication Date: July 9th, 2019
Pages: 164
Language: English