Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate (Paperback)

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By Stephen Grey (Foreword by), Daniel McQueen Ma
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As you know, Humanity is at a crossroads in our evolution. Our trauma, fear, and suffering are very real expressions of unsustainable and destructive systems. We appear trapped in a process that does not support us, yet we have everything we need to transition to a sustainable and healthy society right now, if only we knew how to do it. There is a legal, affordable, and accessible solution to shifting our struggle for survival into a path of thriving using Psychedelic Cannabis.

The resurgence of interest in the healing potential of psychedelics gives us an opportunity to explore new and sustainable paths, but the true potential of Cannabis sativa as a psychedelic medicine has been completely overlooked until now. When used skillfully and with intention, Cannabis can be used as a psychedelic to treat trauma and other mental health concerns just as psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA can. It can also be used as a profound problem solving tool to face Humanity's greatest struggles.

Daniel McQueen, MA, will guide you step by step through the concepts and skill sets to prepare for and implement profound transformational healing experiences using Psychedelic Cannabis. He freely shares this knowledge gained through years of experience working with clients to release traumas and emotional pain and to step into their full potential. From this experience he knows what works and generously shares it with you here. This game-changing book can create powerful results for creating and fulfilling the extraordinary life we are meant to live.

Inside Psychedelic Cannabis you will discover:

  • How to transform Cannabis into a potent psychedelic medicine
  • Foundational Psychedelic Journeywork Practices to heal trauma
  • How to transform your trauma into resilience and understanding
  • How to set up your Psychedelic Cannabis sessions for successli>How to create a better future by consciously using Cannabis
  • And powerful resources for your ongoing healing and transformation

Foreword written by Stephen Gray, Editor of Cannabis and Spirituality

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ISBN: 9780998320915
ISBN-10: 0998320919
Publisher: Bowkers
Publication Date: August 24th, 2019
Pages: 250
Language: English