The Diary of a Player (Paperback)

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The Diary of a Player (Paperback)


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Why in the world, one might ask, would a Player write a book about himself and uncover his secret world of seduction and deception?

Are crimes of the heart any less criminal in nature than crimes against society? Don't the perpetrators use the same means to commit offenses against their unknowing victims? Doesn't their reasoning and justification of such crimes parallel the criminal mindset? When does society have a right to stand up and punish one of its members for hurting another person?

It can be proven that many "real" crimes are committed as a reaction to a crime that was committed against a heart. How many homes and families have been broken because of these un-punishable misdeeds? How many women have turned to drugs and alcohol to soothe their broken hearts? How many others have turned to food as the permanent replacement for self-control because they will never be controlled or manipulated by a man again?

A Player is a criminal. His actions are crimes that affect society in many subtle, but devastating ways. He plays women for his own self-gratification and to boost his own self-esteem. His victims are chosen wisely and carefully, using premeditation in each instance. Soon his crimes become second nature, and his illusory nature becomes the only reality that he knows and understands.

If a society is to place blame on these types of emotional predators, then it is only just that it attempts to also understand them. To make a righteous judgment that can result in a just punishment, a degree of understanding and compassion must be present in order to maintain a modern civility and respect for personal freedom.

The Diary of a Player is real. The situations presented in the book are indeed a reflection of true human nature and give a real presentation of the emotional problems associated with real players. The book was written to help others understand who a player is and why they are this way. The author wanted to warn unaware victims of the type of nature players have, and the methods they use to seduce and manipulate women for their own needs. It is his hope that these types of men will gain a better understanding of their own intentions toward women and that women will be made aware of these types of men as they read what they are all about.

Read this book with an open mind and a desire to understand and learn. It will open your eyes, your heart, and your mind to a realm of reality that most people do not want to face--the reality of human nature. Indeed, we are all "Players" of some kind or another in the game of life. And by understanding the nature of a Player, we can better understand society, and thereby better understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves will enable us to transform the society we have created into a better place, and allow us to more successfully pursue the happiness that we all desire.

Product Details ISBN: 9780982617526
ISBN-10: 0982617526
Publisher: Pearl Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: October 15th, 2016
Pages: 156
Language: English