EPIC Storybook: Medicine for the Madness (Collectors #2) (Paperback)

EPIC Storybook: Medicine for the Madness (Collectors #2) By Peter Corney, Justin Field (Photographer) Cover Image

EPIC Storybook: Medicine for the Madness (Collectors #2) (Paperback)

By Peter Corney, Justin Field (Photographer)


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Setting us free on life's search for happiness is this collection of epic stories from surf, snow, skate & bike riding. Discover how the separation of enemy and ally, good and bad, right and wrong, disappears once we become balanced. How health and healing revolves around balance. How achieving equilibrium is what it's all about. To know there is a place for everything. Power to explore deep human creativity, manifest dreams and follow bliss. These pages open hearts, encourage positive change and dispel limitations for a new era. Somethinmg that belongs in medical waiting rooms and public coffee table across the globe. A visual and intellectual journey to embrace one love. When everyone learns balance will make peace a reality and poverty history.

A powerful message from wild freeriders out to change the world with a grand vision. It is time once again to rebel against the status quo, feel the revolution in your heart and take in the medicine that will end the madness.

After an out-of-body experience 'Pea Ce', the storyteller, pieces together a surprising vision for an epic world. Timeless photography mixes an adventurous voice with raw honesty. While worthy contributors map out epic experiences in surf, snow, skate and bike riding to share universal wisdom. This is visual art to overcome the madness. Featuring a few world champions alongside infamous contemporaries, this lineup of epic characters come together for a powerful future. Unravel the mystery of human existence with visions of the future

A book to be shared with friends and family. The photography and design are every bit as moving as the message is surprising. A unique journey. Secrets shared empower epic living.

Three things to love about this book.

1. The perfect companion for a trip or quiet weekend at home

Medicine for the Madness will fit right into those lazy afternoons when you're itching for a read and adventure dreaming.

2. Be left breathless from the global array of epic photography.

Bold and organic, engineered with the most discerning intentions in mind. This is what we love.

3. A window into a fascinating world that very few live.

Enjoy a cross section of action sport views that offer a welcome future perspective.

Product Details ISBN: 9780958193054
ISBN-10: 0958193053
Publisher: Epicscope
Publication Date: March 24th, 2020
Pages: 180
Language: English
Series: Collectors