The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia (Paperback)

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The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia (Paperback)


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Often imitated, never rivaled, the Marx Brothers were the masters of vaudeville. Originally masters of the stage, they conquered almost every medium, creating memorable sketches and classic movies such as Duck Soup, The Cocoanuts and A Night at the Opera - all of which still find their way into top comedy movie lists! 

Household names to this day, the Marx Brothers left an indelible mark on the comedy scene and worked with some of the most famous names of the day; including Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin! 

Here, in a fully revised and updated edition, is the meticulously researched guide to their lives and careers, covering all of their movies, guest appearances, stage shows and television features!
Glenn Mitchell is a renowned author and historian of silent cinema and the early talkies, and a popular comedy scriptwriter for both radio and television.
Product Details ISBN: 9780857687784
ISBN-10: 0857687786
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: January 17th, 2012
Pages: 304
Language: English
"An imposing compendium of all facts Marxian. It's a tribute to the density of the bros.' work that there's so much to be found in this volume." - Blogcritics

"Being that the Marx style of comedy is timeless, many generations to come will benefit greatly from such a detailed source of information on the team." - The Daily Rotation

"To say this volume is extensive doesn’t quite do it justice. The author touches upon everything you’d need to know about the Brothers." - Nerdy Nothings

"An incredible compendium of facts." - Flixist

"Densely packed with information about anything you could ever ask about the Brothers." - The Retroist

"Truly a vastly informative tome, this is a must for Marx fans and any lover of vintage comedy performers and their lasting contributions to show business." - Cool Ass Cinema