Midnight's Budding Morrow (Paperback)

Midnight's Budding Morrow By Carolyn Miller Cover Image

Midnight's Budding Morrow (Paperback)


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"A journey of poignancy and hope . . . difficult to put down. I loved it "--Jennie Goutet, author of the Clavering Chronicles series

Sarah Drayton is eager to spend a holiday at her best friend's crumbling Northumberland castle estate. Alas, rather than easy companionship with her dear friend, she finds herself being inveigled into a marriage of convenience with her friend's rakish brother.

When James Langley returns to his family's estate, war is raging and he wants only distraction, not serious tethers. But his roguish ways have backed him into a corner, and he has little choice but to obey his father's shocking decree: marry before returning to war...or else. Suddenly he finds himself wedded to a clever and capable woman he barely knows.

Sarah craves love and a place to belong, neither of which James offered before returning to the battlefront. Now everyone around her thinks she married above her station, and they have no intention of rewarding her for such impertinence. Only when her husband returns from war does she begins to hope they may find real happiness.

When tragedy strikes, this pair must learn to trust God and cling to the belief that even in the darkest depths of night, the morning still holds hope.
Product Details ISBN: 9780825446542
ISBN-10: 0825446546
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Publication Date: May 31st, 2022
Pages: 312
Language: English