Making Rainbows: What Are Life and Life After Death All About (Paperback)

Making Rainbows: What Are Life and Life After Death All About By Prudence Ann Smith MD Cover Image

Making Rainbows: What Are Life and Life After Death All About (Paperback)


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As a medical professional, she spends her days in a world rich with science and skepticism. But for Prudence Ann Smith, MD, FACR, the mysteries of life have always taken on a deeper meaning.

Inspired by her grandmother, a psychic medium, and involved in the Pentecostal Church, Smith has found herself on a lifelong journey to explain the unexplained. Along the way, she's consulted top experts, countless books, and religious texts in a heartfelt search for the truth regarding the afterlife and the spiritual realm.

In Making Rainbows, Smith reveals the story of this fascinating search for answers, including her meetings with a number of renowned psychic mediums including James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams, and Hollister Rand. As she reveals the evolution of her own mediumship, Smith shares valuable advice for readers hoping to grow more in tune with their own psychic abilities and open up to the spirit world.

Peppered with personal anecdotes, touching tales, and humorous moments, this memoir and spiritual self-help guide addresses many of life's greatest questions, from whether our deaths are predetermined to how much our deceased loved ones really know about our lives after they pass away.

Prudence Ann Smith, MD, FACR, is a board-certified practicing physician who has always been fascinated with the mysteries of life and death. On the quest to develop her own mediumship, she has trained with a number of well-known psychic mediums, including Robert Brown, Lisa Williams, and James Van Praagh. Smith is the author of three books about her life-altering journeys into the spiritual side of life: The Afterlife: Conversations With My Guide, Two Mediums, and Making Rainbows.
Product Details ISBN: 9780692560327
ISBN-10: 0692560327
Publisher: Belle Publishers
Publication Date: December 22nd, 2015
Pages: 306
Language: English