Conceptual Nursing Care Planning (Paperback)

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Conceptual Nursing Care Planning (Paperback)


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Plan effective patient care using standardized interprofessional clinical problems and a concept-based approach Conceptual Nursing Care Planning shows you how to identify clinical problems, determine expected outcomes, and choose interventions - all grounded in a logical, concept-based framework. The focus on concepts gives you the big picture, helping you recognize similarities in nursing care based on physiologic concepts, as well as differences based on the needs of individuals. Written by noted nursing educators Mariann Harding and Debra Hagler, this new book demonstrates how the use of a concept-based approach and standardized clinical problems language makes it easier to plan effective care and to communicate with other members of the interprofessional team.

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73 conceptual nursing care plans are based on Giddens concepts. Logical format for conceptual nursing care plans includes a definition of the concept, clinical problems, common causes, manifestations, outcomes, interventions, related concepts, and related clinical problems. Guidance for prioritized care planning organizes interventions in an assess-intervene-teach format, to help identify the most important priority interventions for patients. Use of standardized nursing language conveys concepts and clinical problems in easily understandable language that is commonly used in clinical settings, organizing care plans around terminology recognized by the American Nurses Association and easily understood by other healthcare professionals. UNIQUE Wide-ranging approach covers concepts that are not addressed in other texts, such as health disparities, risk in pregnancy, impaired immunity, substance use, sensory deficits, continuity of care, and the dying process. Introduction opens the book by explaining the components of a conceptual nursing care plan and how to use the book to create patient-centered nursing care plans. Conceptual Care Map Creator on the Evolve website helps document care planning projects and clinical assignments. Expert authors Mariann Harding and Debra Hagler are nursing thought leaders and editors of the bestselling Lewis's Medical Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems.
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