The Warrior (Paperback)

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Everyone comes across road blocks in life, mountains they need to overcome, sadness, anger, heartbreaks, whatever, that they need to push through. Battles, so to speak.

This book takes you through a battle that lasted for eleven years: the battle with cancer. A young warrior starts the journey at just sixteen years old, facing more obstacles along the way. Although the fight has been a hard one, the warrior realizes there is light at the end of the tunnel. Overcoming the hardships is worth it.

Poetry has always been my outlet and I want to share some of them with you. I hope this helps you get through whatever battle you're fighting. I hope to help you see that through it all, it will be okay.

Raw and riveting, this book shows you that if you fight hard enough you can get over the mountain. You can get through the journey. You can win the war.

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ISBN: 9780228860426
ISBN-10: 0228860423
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: August 6th, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English